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    Minor Chrome OS Update Brings Security Fixes to Most Devices

    This morning, the Chrome team within Google has begun pushing out a minor update to Chrome OS for the majority of devices.  The new update is build 60.0.3112.114 (Platform version: 9592.94.0) for those keeping score...

    Today’s Deal – Dell Wired Keyboard for Chrome OS is $13 on Amazon

    Today’s Deal is for those of you who have been looking for a Chrome OS dedicated keyboard to setup in your office or work space.  The Dell Wired Keyboard KB69211 is specifically laid out...

    More Chromebooks Seeing New & Improved Android App Support

    Android apps on Chromebooks continues its slow march but has started entering into a second phase of sorts.  While support in general continues to new Chrome OS devices, those that already have the support...

    Opinion – Google Pixel Has Only Sold 1 Million Units… Who Cares?

    Yesterday, through some estimates made from the downloading of the Pixel Launcher from the Play Store, several reports surfaced on the number of Google Pixel phones that have been sold.  Based on the listing...

    Chrome Browser Sees Another Minor Security Update

    The Chromium team in Google has pushed out a minor update to the Chrome browser for PC, Mac and Linux.  The updated version 59.0.3071.104 has already started rolling out and brings a handful of security...

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