Chrome OS Continues to Dominate the K-12 US Market


While the growth rate of Chrome OS in the United States K-12 education sector has slowed, it is still the dominant platform according to the latest sales analysis from Futuresource.  The consulting firm released their quarterly K-12 market analysis and it points to Google’s platform holding a commanding 59.8% market share for the third quarter of this year.  That’s up 2% over the second quarter and is up 2.1% over 2016.

The numbers certainly show that the penetration of the platform into the K-12 market has slowed significantly, thanks both to market maturity as well as an influx of competition from both Apple and Microsoft.  Both companies have made strategic investments into getting a piece of the education pie in the US but both still have a long way to go.  Microsoft’s Windows platform is a distant 2nd place at 22.3% market share while Apple sits at 17% if you combine both MacOS and iOS.

What is interesting is the rest-of-world side of the Futuresource report.  There, Chrome OS is sub-10% of the market at 7.7% while Microsoft’s Windows dominates at some 66.5% for last quarter.  As for Apple, they have under 10% in the rest of the world.

You can read the full report over at the Futuresource site.  It is not a long read and well worth it, especially if you are a fan of Windows or Chrome OS.  There are some good insights into the market and where each of the companies need to focus their attention to gain in the market.

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Source: Clinton Fitch