Download the Google Pixelbook Default Wallpaper


If you have been looking for the stock wallpaper from the Google Pixelbook, look no further.  I’ve added the waves on white sand wallpaper to the Wallpaper page here on the site but also have added it to this post below the break.  That’ll save those of you who aren’t interested having to wait for it to download.

The wallpaper measures 2400×2400 so you can manipulate it to work on all of your tablets, Chromebooks and of course, you phone.

I’ve posted the Pixelbook wallpaper below in a slightly smaller size to speed up the page.  However, if you click on it and then save it or right-click to save the image, you will get the full 2400×2400 resolution image.

Google Pixelbook Default Wallpaper
Google Pixelbook Default Wallpaper

I loaded up this wallpaper onto my Google Pixel XL and it looks great and considering I like things all matchy-match, it helps cure my OCD issues.

Pixelbook Wallpaper on the Pixel XL
Pixelbook Wallpaper on the Pixel XL

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Wallpaper page on the site, be sure to do so.  There are well over 200 wallpapers there now for you to download and use on your devices.  They are all free of course.  Matchy-match or not.

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